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When are we?

They are now, then and forever

We are the They. You are that. Now.

A play of 2-4 players. Gather a coin each and D6 die.

You are what has been here for time immemorial.

Existence’s closest friend, like law and heart beat.

 CHOOSE or let your eyes fall easily on. .

Destiny, Destruction, Death, Delirium, Desire, Despair, Dream.

The Them speak of all stories. All tried, always True. 

So for it happens you recount a tale to a table of strangers, amidst friends, amongst the beloved. You all present a single coin, as passage, to recount a tale worth treasures, something we’ve bargained for, the story that beckons now — to transcend. .


2-5 people

optional GM

Sandman Lasers and Feelings Hack with Coin Duality Mechanic

PS: this is a prototype that is undergoing polishing :)

v2 is clearer about mechanics w extra prompts !


endless tales primer is for people who want more tips for GMing and navigating the endless premise esp if you haven't read the Sandman comics


t: @mariamison

itch: mariabumby.itch.io

patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mariamison

Hi I’m Maria and I enjoy the cross of participatory art, equitable play and collective narrative in TTRPG & LARP. All of which are political and catalysts for personal and collective change. It looks harmless, that's the point. Help make chaotic-righteous-hopeful spaces by supporting my patreon! 


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A sublime game of struggling between a mortal's empathy and an endless' majesty. 

I think the 7 aspects of endless-mortality could be an vice/virtue theme for a game. 

thanks!!! YESS