A downloadable Rich Kid Problem

Play the sons and daughters of warlords, mafia bosses, monopolist media houses and your favorite corporate hegemony. That’s right! Be born Filthy RichTM

PBTA styled gameplay where you define the world of money and power, and play being the ones on top of it, with Co-GMing and meta story techniques. You can write a story of hope or maybe tragedy.

Follow character strings and be pulled back and forth to maintain the current world order. Would you? Would you not? What are the consequences, what would you do it for? Love? Freedom? Sudden conscience?

Immensely contemplative.

Hopeful, and anti-capitalist.

So ofcourse, it’s pay what you can. Hah, but also cause I need to playtest this. 


This game goes veeeeeery deep into IRL classism, corruption, media manipulation, war tactics, black market scare tactics and just the whole damn shebang. It’s an empathetic critique, of both living it and breaking from it. 

So don’t go into this if you don’t want to analyze and think deeply about those problems. 


Please do share what richkid fantasy you played out or want to play out in this game. Also I’m open to any thoughts on how to further improve this game+system. Thanks a lot for reading, and no matter how heavy, I genuinely would like you to still enjoy this game. 

Tangentially inspired by #richkidsofinstagram

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