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This is a story

This is a ritual

This is a returning

This is a reminder

That within you is  the path back to mother

You are always Home.


created for pleasant dream jam

playable alone or with friends with extra sunlight

1-2 hours, free play like the sky

it is everything you are and you need.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorMaria Mison
TagsArt Book, artgame, ritual-game, story-game


Buy Now$7.77 USD or more

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I Am Your Momma is a lyric game about adopting and looking after yourself.

It's 4 pages, with a relatively bare layout and a loose choose-your-own-adventure style structure.

The writing is strong and tangible. There's spelling errors, but I can't tell if that's part of the game's intended voice. The tone is comforting, which puts me on edge, but if you're not me you should be fine.

Overall, if you want to feel comforted, or if you want a technique for calming/grounding yourself, this is a good pick. It's heavily anchored in its theme of grandmothers as caretakers, but it could easily be reframed around any other caretaker.

This is a choose-your-own adventure lyric game about spending time with your grandmother. 

Grandmother loves you, grandmother supports you. It gives you a mama, to take the load off you. This is a very particular pleasant dream, about memory, or yearning, or imagined family.

Maria, I think your voice really and truly is here, and it's heartwarming, tear-jerking to hear you speak from a different space. I hope this is a huge success, and gives you confidence to speak from new spaces more often.

It is one of the most pleasant lyrics I've ever seen. Truly groundbreaking. One definition of lyrics was that they leverage the power of imagined play, and I think I AM YOUR MOMMA does this better than many lyric games do.

I think, support Maria, buy this game, if you want to feel the warmth of a grandmother, and the love one might bring.