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Games, like Poems


29 game-poems

31 art pieces

for all you lyric game writers -- i love you



invite someone dear to you,

to do Nothing together

(show this)

lie down on the floor watching

   sunlight crawl, or videocall.

  but decide not to speak

watch each other watch the world


until Nothing leaves

 & you’re off to be Something again

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AuthorMaria Mison


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"Games, like poems" by Maria Mison (twitter/instagram). Now I know this one has a price tag on it at a first glance, but it is available for free reads via 'community copies'. I spoke with the author and made sure that anyone who wants to read it will definitely be able to get a copy. We actually had a great conversation that's quite relevant about how we try to balance beliefs that writers should always be paid for their work with the fact that we don't have money to compensate others and that we want all of our own work to be easily accessible to anyone who can't afford it. This submission is amazing I must say. It has 29 game poems and 31 art pieces. If you can afford to buy it, I'd definitely recommend doing so. I think it's the biggest submission so far, and it's really interesting.

I think you're supposed to have the audio file and the pdf at the same time and to use them together, or maybe it's that my main computer runs linux and VLC wasn't displaying an image it was supposed to be displaying, but I love the use of a different medium than just writing for this collection. The audio file is about 23 minutes long full of prompts and audible interactions. It encourages you to experience this with at least one other person present, and I think that would be a great and interesting idea if possible for you. It's clear a lot of time and thought went into this, and I really appreciate that and encourage you to check it out when you've got the time. (The .aifc file should play on all computer software. A plain .txt is being made)

working on the text only! thanks for posting a comment vin super appreciate it <3