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Dance with Me

This is a game but in some ways it's also an essay or a play-set. 

I've always been fascinated with how play books, break down to an essential form, big narrative and internal worlds in just a few pages. In a way they tell you of people and archetypes and it made me think about how the dance styles I'm in attract certain kinds of people. This is in a way a series of portraits for the dance styles/scenes I've seen and am in, and an invitation of what it's like to be in their world.

Given that, I understand it's hard for people who've never researched these styles to pick and "play" this game easily -- since so much of the narrative tropes and motivations lean on something realistic rather than a TV trope or expectation. But that's okay, part of me just wants you to imagine playing and moving as these characters in a world. 

A part of me even encourages you to yea-- just take the character generator and stick it into your favorite ttrpg system. SURE! make phantasma you're very compelling NPC. YES! use some of these modules to make your next dance party infused monster hearts campaign more inspired. 

I'll be honest that I've been really busy holding up my front during the pandemic-lockdown eras so I haven't earnestly play-tested this as a stand-alone game and why it took me so long to release it from it's writing date. But rereading it now I'm like -- OH. THIS might be helpful and entertaining for some people! And this is why I'm releasing it.

Do enjoy!

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AuthorMaria Mison
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdance, Romance, Story Rich


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I don't know where to submit typos but the move lists for Phantasma and Khate are the same. Other than that the game's fantastic!