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Hi! I got this in the Racial Justice bundle a couple years ago, and I just read through the PDF. The premise and the angels sound lovely, but I'm a little confused about the flow of play with more than one player. It says "Have a friend(s) alternately narrate but you could also mend and unmend that heart of yours yourself."

Does each person play a different human with their own archangel to date, and you take turns going on "dates" with your different angels?  Or do you pair off with one human and one archangel each and go on "dates" together? Or something else?

What do you envision for more than 2 players?

Thank you!

Hi! sorry for the super late reply, but if playing with someone else -- i feel sharing the narrative, and then taking turns answering a question/adding a detail would be very cool!


This is a perfect game


Aww thank you sam! I also love/miss this DP

Arch Angel Dating Simulator is a one, two, or multiplayer trpg angel dating sim.

It's 14 pages, and a fairly big file, but it's got a clever layout and really solid writing.

Mechanically, there aren't a lot of hard rules, you just tell a story, but you can pull from a tarot deck if you need a prompt.

There is a *very* solid and distinct feeling to the game though, and if you like writing warm, quirky, humorous supernatural romance, this might be a great engine for writing prompts.

Also: there is a very strong romantic charge to each of the available angels. They all hit different themes / suitor types, and each one has a lot of room to tailor them to what you find most interesting, but I'd be willing to bet that everyone's going to like at least one.

Overall, I don't think I would have expected a tabletop dating sim to be this good at setting up romantic chemistry. It caught me quite off-guard, and if you're interested in being romanced by an angel, strong recommend. If you're not interested in being romanced by an angel, this is still a cool read, and kind of an excellent toolkit for setting up romance stories.

Minor Issues:

-Page 7, How We Meet, "Create your own YOUR Earthly Problems" this feels like a typo


Ah thanks for catching this and such a thoughtful review!!

Thank you for writing the game!

I'm honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this little adventure. Using tarot cards as writing prompts was something new to me, but it was quite the experience. I also really liked the different questions (many of them were very creative) and some questions+tarot card combinations hit scarily close to home - I can see why they're used in the fortune telling lol.

The relationship between city-slicker Li and the Angel of Nature Uriel started as a friendly rivalry that became something more. With Li feeling a lack of control of his own life and Uriel feeling lost in a world she was too scared to interact with closely, they helped each other grow - Uriel pushed Li out of his comfort zone and Li showed Uriel that people could always use some help.

All in all, I had a lot of fun doing this. Anyone that wants to experience an interesting love story I would very much recommend trying this out. Get ready for lots of open tabs on the meaning of different tarot cards though!

OMG! I wish i got to hear your story I'm so glad you enjoyed it <3 And I feel so deeply about characters helping each other grow. This comment makes me very soft thank you for leaving it. 

This game is great fun! I really enjoyed using tarot cards as story guides, something I'd never done before. And the questions prompts were also really interesting in driving the story forward. 

My human Nathaniel dated the Archangel Chamuel but unfortunately it was not meant to be. Nathaniel broke Chamuel's heart by falling into his old stubborn ways while Cham grew and learned what he wanted. 

Definitely recommend a play for cute dates and a rich story!

Im usually terrified of itch comments but this means so much to me!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!