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A novena, for trimming the family tree

This is a prayer my grandmother used to do that always intrigued me, since it smelled more pagan than catholic.

I adapted it for my own inclinations for how we wish people well. In cultures that are more entrenched with family heritage, traditions and Legacy -- this is not a game. This is our everyday reality, and to come home to who we are and our place in the world, is to come home to our place in the family.

May the tree be rotten, twisted or not.

It is an element that is inevitably befriended and is part of our life. 

If you wish to play this as a game, make this a journey of one of your favorite RPG characters, flesh out their relationships with the tree. But 'til then, play as yourself.



During spanish colonization, our first revolutionaries(ph) were Artists. Plaridel wrote prayers that could slip into the masses and wake them from Friar Kool-Aid.

So I'm rewriting novenas to repossess our own rituals and oral traditions.



Hi I’m Maria and I enjoy the cross of participatory art, equitable play and collective narrative in TTRPG & LARP. All of which are political and catalysts for personal and collective change. It looks harmless, that's the point. Help make chaotic-righteous-hopeful spaces by supporting my patreon! 

Let me know in @mariamison or the comments what happens.

t: @mariamison

patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mariamison


Buy Now$7.77 USD or more

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Catholic Novena Card - (colored printed on card stock)

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Catholic Novena Card

Colored printed on double sided matte photo paper :)

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