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Hey, I would like to get the writers a heads up that the pdf file name contains restricted characters (specifically ':') for NTFS file systems and this breaks the itch desktop client when you're trying to download it! Consider using dashes instead! Thanks <3

thanks for the heads up! edited already


Hi Maria ! I'm Nadia from France and i would like to say thank you. I bought this one year ago because i'm a Sophrologist/ludotherapist and I use RPG to help people to deal with depression or other stuff. I use some of your questions in my healing RPGs and I named the method "Cohen-Mison protocol" with our 2 names. I make one different RPG for each person, we play and then we analyse it with some of your questions in different ways : just chating after their RPG, and then answering questions under hypnosis. Results are incredible with Hypnosis + your questions.

So thanks so much, and if you want to talk more about this you can contact me here :

I really want the new update! Is there a way for me to get it besides buying a new copy at 7.77? I already have the base document at 4.44.

Could you maybe sell it separately on it's own as well?

oh okay! imma get to that


This is a gift


aww thanks sam!


I'll be honest - I thought I thought about some things. I read this without bracing myself for the words. These words made me think about my roleplaying self, my writing self, and my big self in a fruitful way.

Thank you.


Yay I'm happy that was helpful! And yea it's amazing how we are multiple


thank you

it will be a long questioning process but useful and necessary


You're welcome! <3